Kitchen Appetizers


Japanese spring roll

Grilled Beef wrapped with Scallions & Mozzarella


Steamed or Fried Shrimp  Dumplings


Choice of Pork or Vegetable Steamed/Pan Fried Dumplings


Grilled Chicken on a Skewer


Served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Sushi Appetizers


Octopus with seaweed and cucumber with ponzu sauce

6 pcs of assorted sushi


Scallion Pancake topped with avocado, tuna, salmon, scallion, & masago. Served with Spicy Mayo & Eel Sauce



Soy bean paste with seaweed, tofu & scallions


Beef based broth served with onion & fried onion

Clear soup served with pork dumplings

Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp with bean curd & seaweed

Clear broth with spinach, crabmeat, scallops, shrimp fish

Classic Hot & Sour Thai soup with ginger, lemongrass kafir lime leaf, colorful bell peppers, sweet onions & fresh mushrooms.

Choice of: Chicken or Tofu $5.99 | Shrimp $6.99


Green salad served with ginger dressing

Fried Calamari, laid on a bed of Mixed Greens


Salmon, scallop, shrimp & crabmeat served with ginger dressing

Served with cucumber & ponzu sauce

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